voyage of discovery

A new model for business travel


In January, our CMO John Harvey wrote a ‘guidepost’ in the The Company Dime about the next generation TMC model. The article defined the previous two generations, identified where the market is today and discussed the challenges for the industry going forwards. 

Since then, globalyse™ has been developing its own theory on what a new model could look like, and during this work unearthed what we believe could be a unique new territory in the market - one that is completely unoccupied today.

We are now proposing to qualify the opportunity through strategic research and test the concept with an audience of major clients and suppliers. The project will involve two surveys running in parallel – Buyer and Supplier – with results combined to deliver a quantified and qualified assessment of market interest and potential.

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 At this stage, the project is aimed at large enterprise clients and major airline and hotel suppliers only. If we have not reached out to you already, and you would be interested in joining our expedition to explore this new territory please get in touch to find out more.

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