Transparency in corporate travel


Welcome to the results of our survey about transparency in corporate travel.


The survey was conducted during late July and early August 2019 as a 'straw poll' across an audience of senior corporate travel stakeholders. The profile of participants who took part is as follows: 

Buyers                             (24%) 

Intermediaries             (31%) 

Suppliers                        (17%) 

Others/advisors etc.  (28%) 


As a representative sample, the response delivers a 90% level of accuracy when applied to a larger audience of 5000 people. More detail about the survey process can be found in the footnotes.  

Background to the Survey – Author’s Notes

Many people have asked about our focus on transparency in the corporate travel channel - and what's driving our interest?


Some assume we may be trying to disrupt the market in some way, or cause disintermediation in the channel. Far from it.


We believe, honesty, integrity and trust are the keys to delivering value between buyers, sellers and intermediaries.

Also, we believe that clarity and openness will help sustain the ability of the channel to  partner effectively – enabling providers to develop solutions that deliver long-term value for everyone. 

If the commercial models that are powering the channel are unclear; revenues  and mark-ups are hidden; offers are biased in the sellers interest (without client knowledge) - relationships will start to fail and the risk of disintermediation will increase.

So, is transparency a real issue?

Our instinct going into the survey was that everyone knows it's an issue - but few people either want to take it on, know how to deal with it, or wish to risk upsetting the status quo. 

The purpose of the survey is to establish a base point - to identify whether there is a problem to be addressed or not?


We used the suggestion of an ‘Elephant in the Room’ to test for reaction and to generate data around the importance of transparency.

We then sought to qualify how satisfied people are with the visibility they have today. 

The findings of the survey will confirm that there most definitely is an issue…and there is a problem to be solved. 

Facing it - dealing with it – that will be the challenge going forwards, but for the moment, just accepting there is an issue is probably the best place the start.


We hope that you find the results, and our comments on them useful.  

More importantly, none of this would have been possible without the support of everyone who has taken part in the survey. Very many thanks to you all


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