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Strategy Consultants in Corporate Travel.

why now?

Market forces driving change.

Predicting and responding to market change is probably the single most important challenge faced by companies and their senior leaders today.

Travel is no different and as one of the worlds largest industries, the global travel market is experiencing more  disruption and change than ever before. 


globalyse™ has been formed to offer strategic insight and professional services - with extended knowledge and reach into corporate travel, meetings, payments and expense. 

With a deep understanding of the sales channels between suppliers and customers and direct experience of developments surrounding new travel distribution - we believe that now is a perfect time to be offering independent strategic advice for stakeholders across the market.

Whether you are a buyer, supplier, intermediary or investor in travel - We hope that we may have the opportunity of working with you - to helping you and your company succeed.

Welcome to globalyse™ 


the travel carbon project

Globalyse established The Travel Carbon Project to provide an unbiased source of  information, tools and advisory - helping you to reduce the environmental impact of global corporate travel. To find out more about The Travel Carbon Project visit our dedicated website: